The 16th Conference on Research and Development in Power Engineering

About the conference

Over the years, the RDPE conference has become a leading forum for presenting issues related to the sector of power engineering. The event gathers around representatives of both academics and entrepreneurs who share the knowledge, present findings and exchange views on the European energy sector. The conference is a platform for raising questions and providing answers concerning the state-of-the-art power engineering by the people with unquestionable expertise in the field.

Topics addressed at the conference include:
  • technical and financial aspects of retrofitting and reconstruction in the power sector
  • mathematical modelling of thermal and flow processes
  • scientific views on operation of power installations
  • nuclear energy issues
  • RES and energy transition.
Within the 2023 edition of the conference special sessions will be held on:
  • Hydrogen technologies
  • Smart Cities/Positive Energy District (PED).
Topics covered in scientific papers:
  • operational tests and experience from completed retrofitting
  • emission control technologies
  • rational lifetime extensions for power installations
  • operational optimisation for power and CHP plants
  • energy market
  • new power technologies
  • adaptation of the power and heating sector to EU regulations
  • mathematical modelling of physical processes in power sector, process machinery, power and process systems.